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kids eyeHey there all of you Wise Family Eye fans and welcome to this week’s edition of our Q&A Monday!

Each week, we will look to answer some of your most popular questions. If you have an eye-health or ophthalmology-related question you wish to have answered, please comment below and we’ll hope to have your response within future weeks.

Today, we have a children’s vision issue-related question for you.

Q: How can I tell if my child is having trouble with their vision?

A: There are actually a host of signs you can be aware of that may be telling you that your child is having trouble with their vision:

  • Having a short attention span.
  • Losing their place when reading.
  • Avoiding reading and other close activities.
  • Turning their head to the side.

Because your child’s success in school is closely tied to their eye health, please be mindful to set up an eye exam if they’re experiencing any of these issues as soon as possible before school begins again.

Their success is our success, too.


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