On your 1st visit, you will be greeted by our friendly staff. You will need to fill out some forms prior to being seen. These forms are necessary for your complete care to be provided. For your convenience, you can print and complete the forms ahead of time to shorten your visit time. We make every effort to not overbook patients so you are seen in a timely fashion. However, we will always add emergencies to the schedule that must be seen promptly, which can sometimes cause mild delays. We know you would appreciate this same service if you ever had an eye problem yourself.

You will be worked up initially by our qualified technicians who will take a history and vision and read your glasses prescription. It is very important for you to bring your glasses with you to this visit so we can determine if there is a change to your prescription. It is also critical to bring in any contact lens boxes so we know the brand and the fitting of the contact lenses.

Dr. Wise will then further evaluate your eyes with a complete eye exam. This includes dilating drops that will enlarge your pupils. These drops are necessary to fully evaluate the retina (the back of the eye) and to evaluate for eyeglasses in younger children. These drops will make your pupil larger and will make your eyes sensitive to light for several hours. It will also blur your vision for up close work. Although other eye doctors may not use these drops, the eye exam would be incomplete without them. These eye drops take 20-30 minutes to work so expect your 1st visit to last 1-1/2 hours from time of arrival to departure.

While you dilate, we offer a full optical department on site to facilitate your eyeglass selection if needed. Our prices and service are far superior to any local optical chain. At Wise Family Eye Center, we believe in making sure your vision is corrected to the best level, which means that we only use quality lenses and frames.

We hope your 1st experience at Wise Family Eye Center is an enjoyable one. Eye care is so important and we want out patients to routinely return for the maintenance of their eye health.