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man-rubbing-eyes-computer-260x179Good morning all of you Wise Family Eye fans and welcome to this week’s edition of Q&A Monday!

Each week, we will look to answer some of your most popular questions. If you have an eye-health or ophthalmology-related question you wish to have answered, please comment below and we’ll hope to have your response within future weeks.

Today, we have a eye-health related question to answer for you all.

Q: What’s an easy way to counteract eye irritation?

A: You can begin by simply blinking more. When you blink, it wipes the protective layer of oil across the surface of your eye – which is what keeps them moist. People who spend a lot of time in front of a book or a computer have to be more mindful to practice this more. An ideal amount would be to blink 14 to 18 times per minute. Make this a general routine and your redness and irritation should diminish.

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