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dry eyeGood morning all of you Wise Family Eye fans and welcome to this week’s edition of Q&A Monday!

Each week, we will look to answer some of your most popular questions. If you have an eye-health or ophthalmology-related question you wish to have answered, please comment below and we’ll hope to have your response within future weeks.

Today, we have a eye-health related question to answer for you all.

Q: What causes dry eye?

A: Actually, the main cause of dry eye are hormonal changes in the body Рwhich consequently cause a change in tear production as well. Therefore, women are the majority of people who are affected by dry eye.

Additionally, autoimmune diseases such as lupus and rheumatoid arthritis can also lead to decreased tear production, and, therefore dry eye.

This time of the year, and exposure to dry, windy climates – or air conditioning and smoke – are also culprits in speeding up tear evaporation.

If you avoid these irritants you can avoid having dry eye altogether.


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