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Teenage girl (13-15) smiling, portrait, close-up

Teenage girl (13-15) smiling, portrait, close-up

Hey there all of you Wise Family Eye fans! Did you know that each year, there are tens of thousands of sports-related eye injuries that occur? However, did you also know that approximately 90-percent of these injuries can be prevented through the use and wear of the correct protective eye wear?


Each sport or activity carries with it its own level of risk. And, your regular eye wear will not protect you from injury!

Studies have indicated that across all age groups, a very high prevalence of eye injury takes place in basketball, baseball and many racquet sports.

While martial arts and boxing endeavors actually pose the highest risk for eye injury, there doesn’t currently exist adequate eye protection for these sports.

It is recommended that when participating in sports such as soccer, field hockey, basketball and baseball, wearing protective eyewear with polycarbonate lenses is a good idea.

If you already suffer from reduced vision in one eye, imagine the stress of then injuring your stronger eye.

Dr. Wise and his staff encourage all of our patients who participate in sports – especially sports with a high occurrence of contact, to be smart when considering protective eye wear.

If you do incur in eye injury while playing a sport, we highly suggest getting in and seeing your ophthalmologist (Dr. Wise) as soon as possible following the incident. Delaying this carries with it the potential of permanent vision loss or even blindness in extreme cases.

While participation in sport carries with it a myriad of benefits, don’t risk your vision when playing!

You can also visit our Optical Shop and discuss you options for protective eye wear.

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