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Baby-with-glasses2Hey there all of you Wise Family Eye fans and welcome to this week’s edition of Q&A Monday!

Each week, we will look to answer some of your most popular questions. If you have an eye-health or ophthalmology-related question you wish to have answered, please comment below and we’ll hope to have your response within future weeks.

Today, we have an eye-health related question for you:

Q: At what age should my child first have their eyes examined?

A: According to our partners at the American Optometric Association (AOA), it is said that children should be scheduled to have their first-ever eye exam at approximately six months of age. Another exam should come at three years of age, and then when they begin school.

From school-age through 18, these exams should continue every two years until the child is 18.

However, children who are found to experience vision issues should be examined more frequently.


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