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Do concussions affect vision?

Vision is quite significantly affected by a concussion. In some, any visual dysfunction may resolve in a short period of time, while in other cases may be ongoing for weeks or even months. Symptoms of visual issues following head trauma can include headaches, eye pain, focusing, dizziness and focusing issues.

Children often develop vision or eye-related symptoms with concussions. Many “return-to-learn” protocols do not include a thorough vision examination in the evaluation process despite studies that show eye muscle tasks and convergence (inward turning of the eyes) are affected in many children with concussions. These issues may not be detected by an MRI or any other tests, but once a person returns to school or work, they realize something is a bit off. Severity of the concussion or multiple concussions can make these visual symptoms worse or longer lasting.

If you are, or know an athlete which suffers from persistent concussions, it is imperative that they undergo an eye screening to determine if any visual issues are present.

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